It was a meaningful evening, with “Syed Sallauddin Pasha”. the international celebrity

It was a meaningful evening, with “Syed Sallauddin Pasha”. Natyaguru is an international celebrity who has awakened the spirit of divinity. It is a thrilling show that features special dance forms like “Ramayana” “Mahabharata” “Shiva Tandava” “Sufi” on wheelchairs. His disciple accomplished the Guinness record “63 Spins in one minute on wheelchair”.

In Syed sallauddin Pasha association with them, his achievement up to this point became the introduction of further work to be done, awarded national accolades.

There are living examples of miracles that changed their lives by eliminating the inferiority of diviners, infusing them with mental and physical strength, and removing the evils of some. Special thanks to our Madame Metikurke Ramaswamy Kamala who made the opportunity to spend some time with such achievers in their meaningful “talk-story” program. May he inspire such further achievers Surrender… Metikurke Ramaswamy Kamala

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